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Jackie O's Corner
I’m a something year old Brussels Griffon. I’m smart, fun, funny, tons of personality and extremely social, I love people!

But like most, I’m a creature of habit. I like my things certain ways and it does make my life easier and happier. For example I have my own personal spot in every room of the house. In other words, my own bedding, truth be told, it helps keep me off the furniture. When it comes to bedding I’m a little funny about it. Once a week my owner either washes all my bedding or sprays them with Febreze and places the bedding outside to “air out” for about 6-8 hours. It helps keep orders under control in the house.

Washing toys once a month is also a good idea and helps keep odors in check.

I like fresh water every day sometimes twice a day if it is a hot San Antonio day. My food and water is always served in a ceramic bowl (stainless steel bowls are good also, it just does not have the cute factor for me) this keeps bacteria from growing in the bowls and giving me a terrible tummy ache or worse! So stay away from plastic bowls if you can, they are bacteria’s best friend.

Social outings 2-3 times a day is good for my health and not to mention, meeting the local singles! Walking daily keeps me trim, good for my ticker and keeps me from going stir crazy inside! The sun is also good for my skin and hair, good ol’ vitamin D!

Jackie O
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Certified Organizer Daily Tips

Fresh Water every day 1-2 times per day
Walks 2-3 times a day
Playtime at least once a day for exercise and a good belly, belly rub!
Treats 2-3 times a day (for the love of it!)
Potty pickup in the front and back yards – controls odors and keeps humans from accidentally stepping in it!

Boerne Texas Weekly Tips

Bath (keeps odors in check in a home) – every two weeks is good as well
Air out bedding – outside 6-8 hours or wash (again to keep odors down)
Clean up doggy areas for toys, trash etc and place in appropriate places

organizing solutions Monthly Tips

Flea Control (I like Frontline or Advantage) Once a month and forget about it!
Heartworm prevention tablets - again once a month and forget about it!

How to get organized Bi-Yearly Tips

If your pet is social with other neighborhood dogs or visits the nearest doggy park is it good practice to visit your vet and get Bordetella nasal drops every six months. This helps with kennel cough which can be fatal.

declutter Annual Tips

Vet Visit – for a complete check up and annual vaccines as needed. Preventative care is essential to good health for any pet!

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