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Here are a few words from some of our previous clients.
Esmi, thank you so much for coming in and breathing New Life into my computer/craft room. The thought of trying to tackle that room myself was overwhelming. You're work was thoughtful and especially considerate. I appreciate your professionalism and fresh approach. I look forward to your help with other "fun" rooms! Your helpful hints are already helping in getting the kids rooms a little more organized. Thank You!
Esmi has made my life so much easier.  I never would have imagined hiring someone for organization, but I'm so happy I did. Awesome job!!
I would recommend Esmi to anyone. She has a natural talent for this type of service and combined with her integrity, you can't go wrong when working with Esmi.
I have used Esmi’s services for well over 8 years. I travel almost weekly several days out of the month so my home is always chaos. I pack and repack constantly and when I am home I only find time to get some laundry done for my next trip, do a little grocery shopping and catch up on mail. Esmi comes in every couple of months and places and organizes everything I have left scattered throughout my home. She has set up some great systems for me but to be honest, its much easier for me to call her so that she can get my home back in order. Esmi is professional and really listens to my needs as they change often. She is a wonderful extension to my maintenance schedule.
I have known Esmi for over 5 years. I’ve hired her several times over the years to work on various projects around my home. Esmi has made my life so easy by teaching me great habits on how to stay organized allowing me to have more time with my young children. She is professional, timely, fun to work with and very creative at her job. I will continue to use her services and I have recommended her to many of my friends and family.
I have known Esmi for many years and there are some things about her that are just plain consistent. One, is that her office is a thing of beauty, everything is in its place and where it should be. Second, she can manage chaos and create harmony. I have seen it first hand, and it is a thing of beauty. Her skills as an organizer are only second to her inner beauty and spirit. She loves to help others put their lives in order. This new venture fits her and she will soar!

Before & After Photos
Here are some of the most recent projects...
Her Closet
Professional Organizer


Certified Organizer
Client’s closet was overwhelmed with too many articles of clothes, shoes and purses with no systems in place.
Articles were pared down and donated. Shoe and boot boxes were replaced with plastic clear boxes, thick bulky hangers took too much rack space and were replaced with clear and huggable hangers. Clothes were organized by pants, dresses, skirts etc. then by color. Shelf dividers were added to organize purses by color and to keep them in place and from falling into each other.
Children's Shelter Closet
Children's Shelter Closet Before


Children's Shelter Closet After
Client’s closet was overcome with countless items of clothes, shoes, sports equipment, hygiene products, coats and jackets.
Shelf dividers were added to separate clothes by gender, sizes and type of clothing. Storage containers were used to store sports equipment, shoes and hygiene products then labeled to describe contents. Coats and Jackets were hung on a rack.
Pet Area
Pet Area Organization


Home Organization Ideas
Client had toys, pillow, blanket everywhere.
I designated an area for stored in wicker lined basket, blanket placed over large pillow and area rearranged for more playing space.


Closet that was not utilized to its fullest. Shelves were either empty or not used to their potential. Shoes were on the floor and many were hidden by clothes hanging in lower racks.
Some shelves were used to store folded jeans. Other shelves were used to store shoes that were previously on floor. Shoes boxes were used for a cleaner look. Handbags were also added to the shelves.
Dresser Drawers


Client has over 60 sport bras, (she’s a professional athlete) and she had a limited amount of drawer space.
Folded bras in half then rolled them and placed them side by side in 4 rows in a drawer, color coordinated of course. Note: Several bras were prints or multi-colored, use the most prominent color when not sure what color category it belongs to.
Extra Bedroom
Master Bedroom Before


Master Bedroom After
The client was using the room as a go-to-room for storage to hide clutter from guests.  The room was also overwhelmed with suitcases and clothes from previous trips that had not yet been unpacked.
Clothes were hung and folded then placed in drawers and closets.  Some unwanted clothes and items were donated. Several luggage pieces were placed in the closet while unused window blinds were discarded.
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